WOSCOM is a music band formed in the summer 2016 in the city of Prato (Tuscany). The band members are Andrea Spagnesi (bass) former bass player from “Hero Shima”, Martino Mugnai (drums) also drummer from “Velvet Score” and Simone Mollica (voice and guitar) who already shared the “EON Absinth” music project (2002-2005) with Martino and who also started the still ongoing solo project named “One Equals Two” (since 2007).

WOSCOM is an alternative rock / post grunge trio that often inputs a good dose of a “punk approach” to their songs which sometimes own a very direct and simple style and structure.

The WOSCOM sound slightly varies throughout the 7 songs they produced until now. Martino’s drums alternate different tight rhythms which spontaneously tie to the high presence and razor-blade-like bass lines played by Andrea. This all delivers a solid rhythmic on which Simone’s guitar ranges in an “anarchic-way” from old-school riffs fattened by a good dose of distortion, sweeping from ’90s-like to ’70s-like riffs constantly.

The first 7 songs written by the band are focused on todays’ common themes in terms of vice, weakness, war, power, arrogance, stupidity as the fundamental character of a worn-out and indifferent society.


The music delivered by WOSCOM speaks to the bold, to the ones using their brain to compute self-standing ideas, to all of the people who know they’ve been or still are being abused, to the free ones as much as to the trapped ones, to mothers, to fathers, to daughters and sons. It speaks to the lonely ones seeking for a group of people to share their souls with, to that group of “selves”.

Basically WOSCOM plays for all the people who in a scale from 1 to 10 struggle to reaching the 7 in the identification process with this sad reality, which basically makes them kind of unfit to this very society. This is the reason why the debut album (recordings will take place in the beginning of 2020) will enclose only 7 titles.

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