the corner

obsession just round the cornerSpring is there. Warm days arrived disclosing the promise summer always keeps. Sun shines 4 days a week when luck is not on your side and you keep windows open in the evening to let the breeze cooling your home off from premature heat… and there they comes, those filthy little bastards feeding on your most precious inner fluid. They seek for it, they smell it, they suck it out all night long right after a tremendous and useless fight you are likely to lose every time you start it… and it always goes the same way: you finally hand over to weariness right after questioning yourself again with something like “Why does it always have to end up like that?!”


Fucking mosquitos … I hope you choke on my blood. You parasites stealing to make out a living.


This year the question I found myself unable to answer to about this whole futile matter is: “Do they live on stand by while cold weather rages, all cozy somewhere right on the edge of that window, and then jump out the corner as soon as awaken from their slumber – which I wish them to be their grave – they feel a little warmer?” How do they do that? Got to WiKitize anytime soon.


But then… the analogy came.
Is such not exemplary existence‘s behavior (mosquito’s) something similar to our everyday life, where we find ourselves through a “labyrinth of corners” all hiding issues and hassles waiting for you to walk by to jump right at your throat? As if they all had been waiting for you, just like this 2 or 3 mosquitos attack no one but you, although not the only human in the room?
Focusing on something is a good thing but beware, obsession is right around the corner.