dying to kill

Terrorism, let’s be concrete.

terrorism vehicle attack and concrete barriers


This is our new world, our new life, our same old fears of being overtaken and let’s be concrete on terror attacks: we are being slowly overtaken by fear.


Terror takes to panic, panic takes to a defense, defense takes to concrete barriers:

  • July 14th 2016: in Nice (Promenade des Anglais)
  • December 19th 2016: Berlin (Ku’damm)
  • March 22nd 2017: London (Wenstminster Bridge)
  • April 7th 2017 Stockholm (City Centre – Drottninggatan)
  • June 3rd 2017 London (London Bridge)
  • June 19th 2017 London (Muslim worshippers attacked)
  • August 17th 2017 Barcelona (La Rambla) & Cambrils

Just to mention only the latest terror events occured in Europe.
This is despicable. This is random. This is terror.


What would you tell to a guy who dies to kill, who drives to kill? What would you think you could possibly tell to him that would really make a difference?
For what is worth, I have been questioning me a lot about their “reasons”, their goals, their lives and background, their purpose, our lifestyle, our no long being Christians (most of us) except for our social background, about extremism, about their leaders.


I believe that the first thing we all do as we hear of a terror attack, is to turn on the radio, tune in to news channels, jump inside twitter and/or seek for more details on the internet. And, I summarize of course, but all we could extract from those informations can be condensed into following words: terrorism, terror attack, people die, people injured, leak of the government, killers. I never hear about leaders, never hear about where all the money and orders come from, never hear about the “brain whashers” who are able to convert men into ghosts with no purpose in life but to destroy their own ones and those of innocent people – who are, I bet, to them not innocent at all in the end.


If we agree that terrorists driving vehicles into people are weapons all together, than who pulls the trigger? This is no given information, of course there is a bit of speculation on it, but I don’t recall of chasing down those leaders to the point of declaring: “Hey, we took down a piece of their system”; infact it grows: the terror system grows, the terrorism net grows.


We are but to the point of shielding our cities with concrete barriers wich equals a huge symbol to our liberty restrained, our lives that have changed, our safety that is at stake; while we are all giving out a bunch of money to our goverments intended to be used for the “war on terror-cause”. I guess we want those leaders to be taken down, not concrete barriers to be raised.


In the end the tendency to another Thirty Years’ War is slowly becoming a fact. And this war is led on unpredictable fields.


A man who is capable of giving his own life away to a “cause” based on a novel a brain washer told him and who could¬†possibly be convinced that all differencies in this world are not worth and special, is sadder than death itself. This goes for Muslims, Christians and all others too.


We must really have been fucking things up at some point then.


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