the hamster wheel

the hamster wheel il criceto sulla ruota

Society: trick or treat?

We live our lives to the rhythm our society beats, where the treat is always welcome to weaken tension. The treat lies right on the wheel we happen to be on every single day. It is one of those dashes that makes us all hope for our future to be better – mainly for ourselves – while we seek for control to point our tomorrow to success. Sometimes, some of us, do that at the cost of seeing what is not, of believing in what should not be believed.

Web “rehab”

Nowadays we mainly live our chances on the Web which is the canvas we draw ourselves onto… the web is… sticky.
It sticks to our habits, it changes them, it evolves quickly, quicker than what we do, therefore we tend to be led by it.

Tons of smartphones

We dig our smartphones where a huge piece of our world lies “secure”. We install “free” apps, use “free” services and provide precious informations to our “Tamers”… Oh, how fast they make us spin the wheel faster. Informations such as personal daily usage are our trading coin: a huge part of our private life is not private at all. In the worst case scenario, as we dive into a monitor and “browse” safe inside the corral, “Tamers” throw us back ad hoc products and tailor-made suggestions supposed to help us finding what they want us to find. As a result our taste is often driven by the power of knowledge, the one of the “Tamers”.

Television division

TV is mostly the triumph of grotesque, the freak show unleashing all sorts of “dogmas”. It’s able, at its best, to sell us the most distorted way to read society. It unleashes the obscene annihilating our sense of decency beyond all limits. It has all the leverage to make people addicted to things they become more and more used to although they really should not, such as war shown off as spectacular although sad.
TV defines what is what and who is who: but WHO are YOU? WHAT are YOU?
Television is disposable.

Accept the fact and stick to it

No, we cannot go back in time and refuse a future we didn’t know would have come, nor is possible to reject the very society we live in in full, but I bet we could live a very much more social thus healthy life refusing to abuse all those sick habits and social networks.
Increasingly more we tend to empty the words we use from their original meaning. Words are important and “Social” is one of them.

Use it, don’t abuse it

Anyways, the wheel can be lot of fun, it surely is, often; don’t ever forget how to run with your own legs though.
Life is tricky, and it gets trickier if you believe that you are that wheel driver.

Art won’t tear us apart

Back to school, you may remember your philosophy class and the Idealism branch (mainly German’s), which is the group of philosophies asserting that reality, or reality as we can know it, is fundamentally mental, mentally constructed, or otherwise immaterial.
Well, I sometimes believe that the non-rational creative propulsion we call “artistic ability”, will save the world.


Philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer once wrote:
“Die Musik ist die höchste Kunstform. Sie bringt Selbstentzweiung und Kampf auf dem höchsten Niveau zum Ausdruck.”

“Music is the higher form of Art. She takes the inner conflict and battle to the higher level of expression.”


Art is the key to transfigure the hamster on that wheel.



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