ghost family portrait [part 2]

rise of a ghost family vita di una famiglia fantasmaWe don’t talk much about child abuse, because it’s gross, because it’s a sensitive matter, because it’s uncomfortable, because the less we talk about it the more it’s not there… we think. Don’t we?
Well, you tell the kid.


Table fixed… though someone yet would need to be fixed for real, and that one is the “pig”.


Family tries to share some good time together, they really try, but not the pig.


As you perceive the pretending mood this behavior drags in, then you smell the fear.
Fear of being unable to pretend good enough to make it appear true, fear of being trying hard for nothing, fear of being somehow rejected, because the pig rejects good faith.
And yet he rules everybody around, he’s moody, his consciousness is asleep, he’s disconnected practically all time: he’s focused on his own inner greedy monsters and daemons but he’s not conscious; he just reacts, he overreacts to his unpleasant companions. And he’s violent, oh yes father is violent, father is a pig.


The rise of a ghost family occurs right when that distinctive black spot takes place in the brains of one of the members, and testosterone does help for that to happen.
The rise of a ghost family occurs right when nature tests men on devious paths and, since men have the tendency to let go on good will when stressed, men are likely to fail.
The rise of a ghost family eventually manifests when nature gives those men and women the power to breed.


So, the kid is lonely the kid doesn’t talk much but he does observe enough.
He’s left to pig’s will, which abuses him, humiliates him in all possible ways… until the kid goes to war with his own fears, pig’s daemons, his own young deep scars and, overall, with pig’s brains black spot. He’ll go to war with everything.


No need to listen to preachers, the kid needs to listen to his anger and possibly overcome the pig. Setback is not an option.


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