men and their “amen”

There is no “Amen”.



Try staring into her eyes, you could possibly get a chance to know her past…


There is a story which the dust of times keeps bringing to our very present days.
It is a story of wicked enchantment, power, control, submission, slavery, stupidity and fear.


He grows inside her womb, then makes his path onto earth, constantly wired to that utero and when the male breed gets moulded, he walks back that cord up to defile the very same Gates, the very same Line between eternity and mortality.


Fucking rapist.


I wish I could go absurd, but truth is that as far as I know, this is no absurd at all: it’s real.


My belief is that the majority of men can’t take it to feel insecure, imperfect, weak: mortal. Therefore we fight, we struggle for power, maybe we men unconsciously cannot accept to be delivered by a woman – pleasure and pain of our own lives – perhaps, as well as for biology, this is also why we men all try one day to find an alternative way to our mothers.
Thank Shiva, the most of us just make it and behave seemingly good during their own lives with the opposite sex, the Gates Keepers.


Unfortunately as aforementioned, Story constantly tells us that the story won’t change for some other “men”, which I will call “Phony-She-Men“.


For thousands of years The Catholic Church, and their puppets, just sanctioned the phony-she-men by legitimizing itself as founded on the exclusion of women.
As Angela Saini’s “Inferior” reportsFor hundreds of years it was common sense: women were the inferior sex. Their bodies were weaker, their minds feebler, their role subservient. No less a scientist than Charles Darwin asserted that women were at a lower stage of evolution, and for decades, scientists—most of them male, of course—claimed to find evidence to support this.
Well, all those phony-she-men must have thought: “Let’s bust them! Who cares?” and then bust the gut.


I kind of get goosebumps in writing this, but you know this middle-aged custom still occurs to many.


I am sure as the night alternates the day, that all those phony-she-men are just weak, insecure, unable to speak freely, unable to act freely; they are dominated by the allurement women include, they just can’t pull themselves together. They feel the urgency to shut their mouths, talk dirty, vomit their unsuitableness right inside their bodies, the very same shape which gave them all a shape; as this could be the very only way to subconsciously say to their mothers: “I’m aware I come from you, I know I am dirty and that’s why I will stain you.”


A woman said: «A free man never sais “whore”.» I just love the way she put it.


Try staring into her eyes, you could possibly get a chance to know her past. Try to be free as you could possibly get to know love.


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